Friday, December 13, 2013

Sandy Hook HOPE

Almost one year ago, I created this blog because I feel very passionately about positivity and I wanted to share that passion with others.  After working on the initial project proposal, many students at my school began to speak up and explain how strongly they felt about the need for kindness and positivity in their lives and in the world and their work became a district wide movement that we refer to as HOPE.  
Initially, a lot of the work was inspired by the collective emotional reaction to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School because so many students and teachers wanted to send hope and love to Connecticut.  As you can see from the other posts, the students' ideas expanded and changed, but their mission has remained connected to the universal ideas of kindness, acceptance, hope, and love.
In honor of tomorrow's anniversary, we would all like to remember the 26 Sandy Hook angels by encouraging everyone to perform acts of kindness and we would also like to send a collective message of HOPE to the families who posted this request online -

In order to do this, our high school will be having a Kindness Contest! 
Faculty, staff, and administrators will be taking notice of student acts of kindness throughout the week next week and will be rewarding them with a ‘Kindness Referral’ to show that the PV Bears care.  Students can also submit pictures and stories or nominate friends by emailing or by using the tag #sandyhookhope when they post online. 
The completed referral forms will be collected and entered into a drawing at our annual school wide Volleyball Tournament on Friday December 20th.  The winning student will receive a breakfast with friends, the teacher who nominated them will have coverage for their duty for an entire week, and all stories and pictures will be compiled and submitted to the Newtown Kindness Organization in honor of the lives lost last December.
What can you do to spread and encourage kindness this week?  
Post your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below and don't forget to share your stories and pictures online so others can do the same! #sandyhookhope