Monday, March 4, 2013

What is all this "HOPE" stuff?

Since so many people keep asking me for more details about my recent posts and the colorful t-shirts I always seem to be wearing, I thought I would share my answers from a recent interview...

Can you describe the symbolism behind the t-shirts that were made?
I believe the students might be better spokespeople, but the basic premise of the t-shirt is a willingness to create and sustain positive change. The symbol that replaces the “O” stands for a willingness to create positive change and there is a piece missing out of one finger as a reminder that there is a void that each person can fill. The infinity symbol is a part of the “E” because the students do not want this to be referred to as a project because projects end and they would like their classmates and friends to continue to “be the change” that they wish to see in the world because hope, love, and happiness are truly infinite...If you are actually more interested in an explanation of what the shirt means and not the specific symbolism, that answer is a little different. Since the shirt is so symbolic, it can mean a wide variety of things and that was the intent because it allows each person who buys and wears one to really think about what hope means to them while reminding them to be the change.

What are your thoughts on the new group Positive is Powerful?
First, I need to clarify that there really is no group (although I am happy that this catch phrase is a reference to my blog title which I got from my friend Rocco's bracelet). Students from almost every club are starting to get involved as well as students working on projects in various classes and a few students who just heard about it from a friend or teacher and want to help. The best way that I can describe the student reaction and involvement is to refer to it as a movement, but more than anything, it is really still just an idea.

Can you tell me a little bit about what this group is about?
Basically, the students who are involved are about making PV, the community, and the world more awesome. Many of the students involved really agreed with the messages in Kid President’s Pep Talk and they want to use their own unique interests and abilities to “give the world a reason to dance.”

What do you want to see this club achieve?
I want the students who are involved to get more students, teachers, and people in the community involved so that they can all support one another in achieving any goal that helps them express love, hope, and compassion for themselves and for other people.

Who came up with the idea to form this group?
Honestly, there were so many people heading in this direction simultaneously, I don’t think anyone can take credit for being the catalyst. However, I can say that the idea wouldn’t have grown and the movement would have started without a lot of very diverse students who all felt very passionately about the need for a positive change and who knew that they would need to “be the change” if they wanted others to believe in and join them.

Why do you want to spread the word about being positive?
You can learn the details about my idea on my blog at, especially in my first post from January entitled “Be the Change” where I reference the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but the main reason that I want to help more people be positive is because positive energy has changed my life and the lives of my closest friends for the better in a lot of significant ways. I believe it helped my husband beat Stage IV cancer, it has helped me create and maintain an amazing life, and most importantly, it is really the only way to counteract and overcome all of the negativity in our world today.

How do you stay positive?
Usually when people ask me why I smile all the time and why I am always so positive, I say that it’s because I have so much to be happy about in my life. Interestingly, the people who know me well know that I have endured quite a few tragedies and overcome a lot of challenges and adversity in my life, so they also know that I passionately believe that happiness is a choice we make. Every day I wake up and I have two options - I can choose to be positive or I can choose to be negative. I choose to be positive, live with gratitude, and love with everything I have and when you make a choice like that, a perpetual smile is easy to maintain :o)

If you are interested in learning more, buying a t-shirt or getting involved, please feel free to contact me... or just go out with a smile on your face and be kind to everyone you encounter ♥