Thursday, February 28, 2013

Send a HOPE-ing Hand

After watching the hope and love spread through the student body at our high school, I am so excited to share another update about the next steps on this phenomenal journey!  Now that the majority of students are on board and enjoying the momentum of this adventure, they have decided to share their positive energy with the adults in their life by letting them know how much they have made a difference!  Starting this evening, all students and alumni are being encouraged to send HOPE-ing hands to the adults who have encouraged them and given them HOPE.  Here is the picture and message that is now going around Facebook and Twitter:

"::ATTENTION ALL PV ALUMNI::The current students are in the midst of an exciting adventure and we want all of YOU to get involved! Basically, they started a grassroots movement to spread hope, love, and kindness and we thought all of you might lend a HOPE-ing hand. If a teacher or any person at PV (or any person in your life really) made your life better, please tell them! It would be cool if you could create a personal message by tracing your hand and writing what hope means to you and/or by saying how that person gave you hope or made you feel loved. If you can't mail it or get it to school, just take a picture and send it or post it and I'll take care of the rest! Thank you!! ♥"

Next week, students are also preparing to take their message and their passion for helping others to our middle school and the rest of the schools in our district and they are adding a lot of their own unique pizazz!  The Hope t-shirt sale is going incredibly well and tomorrow students will be able to wear their shirts to school!  Here is a little explanation of the shirt for those of you who were wondering about the symbolism:

Please stay tuned because I have a feeling that this is only the beginning of the amazing shift that is occurring in my school, in my district, and in the world!!

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