Friday, February 22, 2013

H.O.P.E. Have Only Positive Expectations

When I wrote my first blog post, I definitely did not envision myself adding many follow up posts, especially because I didn't want my original post and project idea to be missed.  However, the magic, excitement, hope and love have grown in so many awesome ways that I have to share a few more of the great things that are happening...

The students are still spreading their positive messages and their actions are incredibly contagious!  Last week, student representatives from various clubs and organizations stood up in front of the entire faculty to share their experiences and their vision for future projects and events.  Aside from being impressed that they chose to speak in front of all of their teachers, their heartfelt gratitude and expression of compassion truly embodied the essence of their movement.

Next Tuesday night, they are planning some great activities for the district wide Night of Unity and I'm sure that event will warrant its own post.  So far, they are planning to show Kid President's "Pep Talk", play Britt Nicole's song "Gold", and have an activity for students to create and wear crowns that will say "I'm worth more than gold!"  While the students work on making crowns, parents and community members can sign Jon Gordon's Positivity Pledge (  Finally, students will be on hand to sell HOPE t-shirts (which can be seen in my profile picture), share information about the service organizations and projects that they are a part of, AND remind everyone involved to have HOPE.

I love my job and my life and these children really ARE our future - I am pleased to report that they have been taught well and they are leading the way! :o)

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  1. A few of the awesome organizations that the students are working to help (so far) include:

    Everyone Matters -

    Souls 4 Souls -

    JDRF -